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Volume i, Chapter IV: "F*&% the Police!"

Chance is standing in front of George and Alexx. They are all looking upwards standing in a spotlight.
George and Alexx are trying to shield their eyes, Chance is silently staring up. There are three aircraft hovering above them. Each appears to have several armored men with modified firearms.
Officer, “This is Sgt. Hirotoshi, of the Japan United Police. You are wanted for questioning in the vandalism of a state owned property.”
George, “that old warehouse?”
Alexx, “State owned, are you some weird experiment or something?”
Chance slightly turns his head towards Alexx but says nothing.
Another officer, “you two are free to go, unless you interfere or aide him in resisting, then you too will be cut down.”
Alexx, “it’s about nine of them, we can get past them if…”
Chance, “no”
Suddenly he jumps to land inside the aircraft that Sgt. Hirotoshi is in.
J.U.P. officer startled, “what the hell?”
Officer on another craft looking over, “did you see that, how did he do that jump with no tech or mech assistance?”
George, “he just left us down here.”
He puts his hands to his mouth.
“Hey leave some for us, don’t kick all their asses!”

WE see Chance standing inside of the doorway of the J.U.P. craft. The J.U.P. inside are aiming their weapons at Chance. The two other crafts have J.U.P. aiming at him as well.
Hirotoshi, “Everyone steady, don’t fire.”
Chance, “Are you the police of this age, what do you want?”
Officer, “this age, what are you? How did you do that without any tech?”
A female officer aiming two hand cannons at Chance to his right, “your trace signature was spotted at the scene of a crime. Your coming with us, now!”
Hirotoshi, “Calm, down Johnson. What’s your name?”
Chance glances as if noticing something. He look directly across to another craft at a J.U.P. officer.
He calmly says, “I am Chance Gamble and I am…sorry.”
Everyone gets jumpy as if about to attack, just then Chance turns his head towards the surface, “sorry for messing up your building but…”
He suddenly moves with great speed and is seen ripping two J.U.P. officers out of their mech armor. They were positioned about to grab Alexx and George.
 Chance continues speaking as he throws the two up inside the J.U.P. crafts, “ don’t mess with my friends.”
The two empty mech armors are about 7 feet tall, and motionless. Chance takes the swords they are holding then turns to towards the crafts.
Hirotoshi, “everyone prepare yourselves!”
Chance, “time to leave.”
Alexx and George look at each other then  grab an on to Chance and hold on tight.
Chance jumps up as Alexx fires at the front craft damaging the engine causing it to go down out of their way. Chance throws both swords with ease and accuracy as they pass between them. They are going down in smoke as well.
They soon disappear out of sight.
Hirotoshi as the ships are going down, “brace for impact. Officer Gibson, I want that feed when we get back. Stonebridge, I want a word after debriefing, we want to find out why he was looking at you like that!”
A voice over his earpiece, “yes sir, but I think I might know why?
Later we see Alexx and George walking as if not to be seen. Ducking and watching their backs.
George, “You sure you want to tell them? They might freak out.”
Alexx, “Yes, they will know what to do. They have been their for us before you know? Besides, we’re here already.”
We see a house that is huge and reminiscent of a feudal Japan home  of a lord. It has huge stone walls surrounding it. With cameras on top monitoring  and two mechs at least ten feet tall guarding the front door.
George, “come on we have to take our entrance.”
He is typing on his forearm keypad and what looks like a cellar door opens.
Later we see what looks like a court yard in shambles. Bodies everywhere of armored security personnel.
Alexx, “no, what the hell?!”
George, “J.U.P.?!”
They are running through the huge home each room looking the same or worse than before.
Alexx, “no, this wasn’t the cops, this was…!”
We see several individuals dressed in all black, in a large room. Covered from head to toe like a ninja of sorts. Their forearms are exposed, metallic with Dragons’ skull on the foreheads of the headbands.
Two are male one is female by the tight fit of her uniform, standing by a fallen statue of a lion. It appears to have been cut in half. She has two swords on her back but is holding staff with a curved blade. She is far off from Alexx and George’s position.
 One male is slim with two pair of nunchaku tucked inside his belt in the front. He is searching for something admits the rubble and mess. His back is to Alexx and George.
The other male is of fairly large build. He has no weapons. He is looking directly  at the siblings as they enter.
Alexx, “dammit, the dragon’s night!”
George, “Dragon’s night?!”
His tech gauntlet register’s the question, “Dragon’s night: assassin and task squad of the Dragon King. Dragon, see leader of the five dragon gangs of New Japan. Scanning…”
Alexx, “dammit George shut that thing up!”
The other two take notice and they all start to slowly approach.
Gauntlet, “DNA and tech scan complete.”
A small laser dot comes from the gauntlet acting as a pointer, and hit’s the female.
“Dragon’s Night member Tasha Shirogama AKA  Tasha of the swift kill”
Pointer hit’s the slim male, “Toshiro Walker AKA Silent Walker”
Pointer hit’s the main guy, “Joseph Francis-Lee AKA, Joseph of Death touch.”
Tasha, “now that you know who we are you may die now.”
Gauntlet, “extreme caution all wanted and dangerous criminals. Threat level with skill comparison is 7.5. Odds are against.”
Alexx I swear you need to put that thing on silent or either add a proximity warning!”
George, “oh it has one I just nerve turn it on. There it’s on now,”
Alexx, “I swear, George. Go”
Her eyes flash red then her body pulses with a jolt of power as she takes a fighting stance.
Joseph, “you really want to fight us? That is fine either way it only adds a few seconds on to your pathetic lives.”
George, “where are they…what did you do with our parents?!”
Toshiro, “you mean the people that lived here? None of your business.”
Suddenly Tasha is swinging one of her swords at George directly in front of him.
George, {dammit, she is fast!}
Alexx blocks with her guns crossed and kicks her away before it can go cut through her gun.
Tasha smiles, “big sis coming to the rescue huh. I bet that’s your life story isn’t it?”
Toshiro, “he looks like a weakling that can’t save himself. Always getting his sister into things, probably getting her hurting the process.”
George looks at his sister’s arms then down.
Joseph picks up on this, “oh, those arms are your fault huh kid? Too bad they aren’t strong enough to protect you tonight.”
Alexx turns, “George, look out!”
Right behind him is Toshiro, he grabs George and throws him through the ceiling, landing him on the roof. He follows directly after him.
Tasha starts fighting Alexx instantly cutting her guns in two and putting her on the ground with her foot on her throat.

Joseph, “wait, one moment.”
A crash occurs a few feet away. It is George beaten with Toshiro standing over him with a par of nunchaku out.
Joseph, “let’s keep family together shall we?”
Alexx looks over barely at George, she sees a blue light flash on his gauntlet, then smiles.
Gauntlet, “seven day adaptation period, over. Upgrade and tech DNA acceptance complete. Reboot started completion 15 seconds.”

Tasha tosses Alexx over to Joseph he catches her with one hand by her jacket collar, “what are you smiling at and what was that?”
Alexx, “Well my brother is a genius and you see, about a week ago he stole Guy from the Steel Dragon’s bike. Guy thought he was just being a stupid kid. No, he needed a part from the bike, the software that connects the bike to the tech in the person riding it. It is like what let’s us control our legs and arms, you know?”
Toshiro form over George, “yeah, so what? What does that mean?”
Alexx, “ well I’m not sure what all that nerdy stuff meant that he was trying to tell me, but one thing I do know…”
Gauntlet, “complete.”
Alexx, “your standing in the wrong place.”
George softly, “boom.”
Toshiro looking down, “what?!”
Suddenly George is doing a jumping knee to his chin, then grabs the nunchaku in his belt and lands three hits then finally kicks him knocking him back. The three hits landing detached his arms and one leg.
Tasha, “what the fuck?!”
Alexx, “I told him.”
Joseph grabs her by her throat ands squeezes, I still have you and he can’t take both of us anyway.
George is running towards Joseph when Tasha steps in front of him. He smiles, “boom.”
He sends a force form his body that pushes of balance, she can’t defend for him getting behind her and taking her sheathed sword. He runs her through from behind and slams her into the ground, before walking away he stomps on her legs and crushes them.
Joseph, “I see, very nice trick. But it won’t help you against me.”
Gauntlet, “warning…warning.”

Joseph, “even your damn computer knows better. This is over… mirror”
Suddenly a small flash occurs over Alexx and Georges eyes.
George is in front of Joseph and Alexx, “I got you sis.”
Joseph throws Alexx down and swings at George.
Alexx from the ground, “No George.”
George, “boom.”
He grab reaches for his arm but somehow misses then ducks the punch. He goes for the ribcage but passes right through him.
George, “what?”
Jumps up then comes down with a foot aimed at his head when he misses again.
George turns and his struck in the stomach and in the face then slammed against ground, knocking the wind out of him.
Joseph appears standing there un harmed, “you fool, once I activate my the it makes you see what I want  you to see. Your both about to die, your precious parents well…fuck ‘em!”
Gauntlet, “warning, close proximity.”
Joseph, “piece of crap, I am right here this whole time. Well the warning doesn’t help now anyway.”
George giggles, “That warning isn’t for you, it scans everyone present at activation. You were already here when I activated it. So it compares everyone’s threat level to what is coming closer.”
Joseph, “what?”
Alexx, “cough, other words it isn’t warning him of you. It’s warning us f whatever is coming.”
Joseph, “what the hell is coming that is more threaten to you than me, huh?”
George, “correct, it’s not coming. It is here.”
Chance appears, “and it’s standing behind you.”
He breaks both of Joseph’s cybernetic arms off and he then slams his face into a nearby wall.
Joseph, “shit, okay okay. The people that were here they were sold to some mafia lord in Great America. It was a deal between crime organizations, that is all I know!”
Alexx, “Your lying they were not sold!”
George, “if he is lying he doesn't know it. He fully believes what he is saying.”
Chance he slams his head again, “why were you here?”
Joseph, “shit, okay man. We were here to kill anyone that was connected to them and erase or destroy all evidence of the deal. Make it look like a home invasion form a low level gang.”

George, “Okay Chance, that’s enough, we need to get out of here
Moments later we see all three assassins laying motionless inside the battle laden room.

We now see an office door that says Hirotoshi on it. Inside he is sitting behind a desk as the Female officer, Stonebridge is talking.
“that is correct sir, that is what I believe is the reason.”
Hirotoshi, So what exactly does this mean if you are correct?”
Stonebridge, “honestly I am not sure.”
Just then the man that was scanning the crime scene walks in. He is wearing a closed black trench coat. They both stand up.
Man, “relax.”
Hirotoshi, “Captain Who, what brings you…?”
Capt, Who, “if it is true which you are not cleared to know, then that means we have to bring him in at any cost. This guy is more than he even realizes.”
Stonebridge, “what do you want me to do sir?”
Captain Who, “as of now you are promoted. You will be my partner on this case.”
Hirotoshi standing up, “what?”
Who looks at him with a glance and he sits back down.
Stonebridge, “really, but…”
Captain Who, “this is from above, above your father as well. You are going to help bring him in, Captain Rhodara Gamble-Stonebridge…”
 We see Chance standing on a roof top looking down at George taking Alexx into what looks to be a hospital.
Chance looks to the sunrise.
“…your Uncle, Chance Gamble, or kill him if he resists!”

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Volume I, Chapter III: Welcome Home

This is the north side of Dingo-Xiao, referred to as the “Good Side” of the city. While it is true that it has the lowest crime rate in the city, it is not the richest by far or the most ideal. The low crime rate is due to the fact that a stronghold of the Strife is here. They take up the majority of the housing here, while the rest are older people and families.
Strife is the Emperor’s Private military force. They have the best men, tech drones, escorts and other weapons of all factions in this country and most of the world. They are listed under J.U.P. publicly but politically they are only answer to the Imperial Command System, ICS for short.
Strife does not handle the day to day problems of any city. Their strongholds are located around the country for strategic purposes only. They have immunity form Judicial affairs unless on an Imperial level. Although they are feared, they pose no threat to the local crime syndicates and hard heads. That is strictly for the J.U.P.
The J.U.P. is the Japan United Police, solely responsible for upholding the law and safety of the people in all of Japan United. So the public relations companion says.
We see George and Alexx walking with Chance behind them. He has his head slightly down, whit his hands in his coat pockets. His hair is partly  dry so it looks poofy yet slightly blowing in the wind.
George, “so are you stay quiet the whole day?”
Alexx knocks George on his head with her hand.
“Ouch” George rubs his head on top of his cap.
Alexx, “You idiot, your so insensitive. We just told him that every person he ever knew or cared about is dead. Plus the whole world is nothing like before.”
George with a confused look, “yeah, so?”
Alexx calmly, “your a moron.”
George, “whatever, i just wanna know how he did all that stuff back there  without any tech. He was probably a government experiment gone bad then they had to ice em to keep him from destroying the world. But now he lost his memory so we gotta show him the importance of humanity.”
Alexx, “George, sometimes i swear.”
Chance out of nowhere, “hey do you guys still eat ?”
George, “of course we eat, what kinda question is that?”
Alexx,” be nice George.”
Chance, “ well i mean aren’t you guys fancy robots or something?”
They both stop and look at Chance.
Chance i mean you both got those robot body parts and stuff.”
Together they respond, “What? We are not robots!”
Chance stops walking , “oh . well your what cyborgs or something like that?”
Alexx is rushing towards Chance but George is standing in front of her.
George, “Calm down he is just confused, it is probably the awaken sickness.”
Chance, “Gheez is this cyborgs act in the future? Your awfully rude, who programmed you?”
Alexx, “what?”
George is now holding Alexx back by her shirt as she tries to get Chance.
Chance gets distracted by something and begins to ignore the siblings as they argue.
He is looking around as if searching for something and then.
Chance, “There!”
Alexx and George stop and look at Chance, “huh?”
Chance grabs George and Alexx, then jumps into the air.
George, What are you doing?”
Alexx, “put me down you caveman!”
Chance tunes out their ranting and raving. soaring through the air.
Soon he lands on a rooftop.
Chance, “Yes, i knew it.”
He jumps with the two ranting again.
He lands on the street in front of a small building.
There is a short old man in front of it.
Alexx, “What was all that about you jerk!”
She is in his face yelling.
He calmly responds, “I’m hungry.  I thought you got the hint. Ok well, I guess machines
wouldn’t understand the concept of hunger.”
Alexx calmly, “I give up.”
George, “Uhm, what is this place?”
Old man dressed in a long brown robe, no more than five feet tall. “This is Ancient Chow, food made from the histories of old countries of he past.“
Chance is smelling the air, “C’mon!”
Alexx, “If you grab me one more time i will cut your arms off.”
Chance, “Gee your grouchy. well anyway, see you guys inside.”
He darts inside.
George, “hey wait I’m hungry too!”
Chance yelling from inside, “No your not, robots don’t need food!”
George before as he runs inside, “I’m not a robot!”
Chance, “Sorry, I mean cyborg.”
Alexx, “Oh, brother.”
She walks inside behind them. soon as she gets inside The place full of Steel Dragons. chance is staring at food at a buffet bar and George is trying to get his attention.
Chance, “Hey they got pizza, it’s pepperoni!”
Alexx yells, “Steel Dragons!”
Chance, “hmm? Steal, why? You don’t have any money?”
Alexx, “no, look!”
She points, to gt Chance to turn around. he sees a man dressed in a all black ghi, right behind him. He has a dragon tattoo on the left side of his face.
Chance, “great, i want a lemonade with my buffet, of and do you have ribs or french fries.
George, “Chance, That’s.”
Chance, “okay, okay make it three. Silly little guy thinks he can eat human food. Ha, ha”
The guy is looking at Chance confused.
The old man comes in, “Is there a problem James?”
James, “No sir, there is no problem. He thinks i am a waiter.”
Alexx, “you were about to take him!”
Chance, “Attack me?”
James, “attack me?”
He smiles and shows her a plate in his hand.
“I was coming for seconds, the chili dogs are awesome, mate!”
Chance, “Chili dogs? I love this place! I want 3 no 4 of them!”
Alexx and George look at each other confused.
Moments later, Alexx is sitting at a huge table with George, the old man, James and Chance.
Alexx and the old man are engaged in conversation while the others are stuffing there faces.
Alexx talking to the old man, “So these guys are not Steel Dragons?”
Old Man, “No, no. Of course not. They once tried or was forced into joining but realized it wasn’t the best decision.”?
Alexx, “So they just quit? But it isn’t that easy you know?”
She looks down at her metal arm and hand.
James stopping eating for a moment to intervene.
“Master Cline helped us out, he is great.”
He continues to eat.
Chance stops eating now, “Clint? What’s with these names? I thought this was Japan?”
Alexx slightly embarrassed with a partial smile on her face,
 “You have to forgive him, he has had a nasty knock on the head Sir.”
Old Man, “I see. The place where he got this knock is that where he lot his shirt and shoes as well?”
Alexx smiles even more nervously, “uh, yeah, that’s right. It sure is.”
Chance, “You suck at lying. Rude and a terrible liar with a temper. You should be reprogrammed.”
Alexx standing up yelling at Chance, “I am not a robot!”
Chance not paying her anger any attention, “yeah yeah, whatever, I mean lying is bad and all, but what if you have to lie to save someone, you would get them killed lying like that.”
Clint starts laughing, “He thinks you are machines? How innocent.”
Alexx sits down with a frown on her face.
Clint continues, “I am named after an immortal hero that was loved by many and feared by all evil in the ancient western world.”

Chance stops eating and looks at the old man waiting
for him to say.
“Master Clint Eastwood”
Chance coughs out the food in his mouth, “What?!”
Everyone looks at him.
“Clint Eastwood? You not serious? Legendary Hero? Gee I guess Mel Gibson is an immortal huh?!”
George, “Mel Gibson? That is the name of the World’s leading Psychiatric Hospital Corporation“
James adding on, “Yeah, they are the lead in research of mental breakdowns and schizophrenias”
Chance, “That actually makes sense.”
Later outside the restaurant Chance is dressed in a black ghee with rectangular buttons going up the mid breast area and several on the cuffs.
“Thanks for the cloths old man.”
James yells, “He is Master Clint or Master Eastwood, you rude moron!”
Clint, “well, I am not calling him either of those! He doesn’t seem to care. Why do you?!”
George with a frustrated look on his face, “we should be going now.”
A few moments later, they are walking down a side walk.
Chance, “that was pretty good, we have to go there again, the old man was nice.”
Alexx, “You eat like a cyber whale.”
Chance in rebuttal, “Hey I have been sleeping for a thousand years or so, that will make anyone pretty hungry!”
Suddenly huge bright lights shine on them.
Trying to shield their eyes but it is still blinding Alexx and George. Appears to have no effect on Chance.
A voice form a loud speaker, “Alexx and George Zungchi, you are not being detained, you may leave.”
Chance begins to frown as he looks up at the voice through the spotlights.

“Unknown humanoid, we have questions for you. Come with us willingly or fight here and die. You decide.”
Chance is looking up with no words spoken.

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Volume I, Chapter II: "Wake Up!"

Alexx is looking up at Roger and Norman, standing at the doorway almost blocking it.

Roger, from a top Norman, “Hey Guy, you okay? You have a hole in your stomach.”

Guy sitting up on the ground holding his stomach, “No, I’m not okay, she shot me! where she get skin piercers from anyway?!”

Roger scratching his head, “hmmm, I don’t know Guy, do you want me to ask her? Maybe she has more of them.”

Alexx is griping her guns while watching this conversation, She slightly turns her head to see any sign of George behind her.

Guy getting angry, “No you idiot, just kill her!”

Roger, “well okay but, how we gonna get the bullets then?”

Norman begins to walk towards Alexx.  Roger jumps off his back and does a flip then lands directly in front of Alexx.

“Alexx, why are you doing this? You have med-tech not soldier-tech or defense-tech. you cannot hope to survive fighting us.”

He looks into her face as she still has her shades on.

“I see, it is for him then, okay.”
He slaps her without her being able to react she falls several feet away. Roger has her shades in his other hand.
Her face is bruised but young looking with eyes similar to George. She spits out blood and begins to stand back up.

Roger, “no.”

He kicks her off the ground then punches her back to the floor. Norman begins to turn in their direction. Roger holds his palm up as if to motion “stop”.
Norman stays in place.

Alexx is holding her ribs and coughing up more blood. “shit. eat shit.”

Roger, “not nice. that is very rude Alexx.”

He raises his hand to deliver a killing blow.

Suddenly an explosion occurs where George is located, it sends dust and debris near them.

Alexx, “George!”
she tries to get to her feet, as she gets to one knee. Roger kicks her back down.

Moments earlier.

George is still downloading information to his wrist.

Voice awaken update. Awaken in 1 micro.

George, “shit! what is the danger level, what is it?”

Voice, “request repeat of danger level results: granted. Current danger Level of Subject C-2676 is 15”

George is trying to disconnect from the panel, looking down at a shadow, “shit.”

Voice, “subject C-2676, is awake. Take needed precautions.”

George turns around to look up at the figure casting the shadow.
It is a tall muscular young man with dark colored skin and long wet tangled hair the color of coal. His eyes and face are shadowed by the light from behind him. He is looking down directly at George without saying a word.

Voice, “emergency, diagnostic result of system predict.”

George his grabbed by the coat, “wait, wait!”

The room explodes.


Alexx is at Roger’s feet while Guy has walked over to the side leaning against a crate. Norman is till looking on without getting involved.

Roger, “Alexx that makes two brothers now doesn’t it?”

Alexx, “shut up.”

Roger, “In no position to give orders. I will kill you now.”

George’s voice coming from the shadows, “I don’t think so Roger. I think you should leave now. That will be my only warning to you. If you stay i cannot promise your safety.”

Alexx looking up at George, “Shut up, what are you doing? Run get out. leave me here.”

George, “Never. Your my sister, who is gonna cook when your gone?”

Guy frustrated, “enough of this hole in my stomach won’t stop me from snapping your neck."
He starts running towards George. He goes into the shadows and Guy follows.

Shortly after, Guy comes flying back out landing outside the warehouse without his coat and jeans.
George comes from the shadows unharmed, rubbing his hands. “thanks for the warm up.”

Roger, “Interesting. Now Norman.”
Norman starts walking towards him, George slowly backs into the shadows.
Moments after Norman follows him, a big crash and sounds of things breaking occur from the shadows.

Alexx, “George, no.”

Roger looks at Alexx, “his luck ran out.”

George, “you still here? You should leave.”

Roger, “Now it is annoying, how are you alive? Norman is stronger than 12 of you little man. No chance for you to overtake him. Trigger”

He leaves Alexx and is suddenly there with George. He has the blade of his gunsword at his throat, while holding him by his coat. Eyes glowing yellow.

Roger, “no more hiding in the shadows, i will end you now.”

He pulls back to swing, he swings and blood splatters on the floor.
Roger is looking shocked as well. It is a tall slender yet muscular kid with the trench coat and jeans from  Guy. He has dark skin with a huge wet afro hanging down past his shoulder blades. He is young maybe twenty-three or four. He has a slash across his chest where Roger slashed him. Although It is healing at an extremely fast rate before their eyes.

Roger steps back, “who are you.”

The stranger looks at him, “No hurt him.”

George, “tried to tell you.”

George looks at the stranger, and thinks to himself, {amazing he is already healed from that slash like it never happened. That blade goes through bone and metal it should have chopped him in half.}

Alexx, “George?”

George runs over to her and tries to help her up.

“let’s go sis, we gotta get you outta here.”
Alexx, “Who is that guy and why is wet and sexy and muscular and..”
George yelling, “Hey I am right here you know, I don’t wanna here my undersexed sister fantasize about a naked stranger!”
Alexx, “He isn’t naked, but anyway shut up I am not fantasizing. Just help me up, A good two days and the med tech will have me up and running.”
Roger, “you should be dead, you don’t have any tech. how did u survive this blade?”

Stranger, “Leave, alone. No, hurt him.”
 Turns away from Roger to follow George and Alexx. Suddenly he has the blade coming from his stomach. Roger has ran him through with the blade.

George and Alexx see this. Stranger stands there. He looks down at the blade and strikes Roger so hard he flies through the side wall.

George, “hey What’s wrong with you?! pull it out!”

Stranger looking at George and looking down, “pull it..pull it... out!’

He falls to the ground rolling and screaming hysterically.

“What the hell is this doing in my stomach?! Where the hell am I?!”

Alexx and George look at each other confused and shrug their shoulders.

Stranger, “Hey you two don’t just sit there hugging! Call 911!”
They both turn their attention back to the stranger.
George comes over and grabs the handle, “hold still.”

Stranger, “what? hold still? are you crazy? don’t touch that!"
 George yanks it out.

“Shit, hey you little bastard, what’s wrong with you?!”

George is holding the gun-sword across his shoulder. Looking at the stranger yelling at him..
“Excuse me.”
George points at the stranger’s stomach.
The stranger  stops for a moment then looks down , seeing the scar is gone.

Stranger, “oh well, uhm.”
He scratches his head.
“oh okay, that‘s weird.”
He stands up.

Suddenly Roger comes form the shadows and grabs George and throws him over with his sister.

Stranger, “hey that was unnecessary don’t you think?”

George and Alexx are laying knocked out.

Stranger put his hand out, “Chance. My name is Chance. You are?”

Roger stares at hand then ignores it, “that is of no concern to you.”

He picks up the gunsword and puts it in Chances face.

“do you see what I am holding?”

Suddenly it is out of his hand and ion Chances hand

“Well i must admit i have never held anything like this before, but i know what it is. I remember now, a gunsword right? I mean i think it is, when i saw this it was just a drawing on a designers table.”

Roger, “You are mistaken. They were designed over a thousand years ago. Now if you will?”
Roger is holding his hand out for his weapon to be returned to him.
Chance, “Hmm, oh. Okay, here you go.”
He tosses it to him.
  “A thousand years huh, exaggerating a little aren’t you?”

Roger, “I am going to kill you and them, that sir is no exaggeration, I assure you.”
He poses his body as if ready to full fill his promise.

Chance looks at Roger, then George and Alexx knocked out on the ground.
Chance suddenly starts grabbing hi head and moving as if confused or hearing a loud noise.

“kill them? Kill, him. You,  hurt George”
Chance stops moving, lowers his head and arms then coldly speaks,
“that was a mistake".

Roger smiles.

Moments later.

George and Alexx wake up to see Chance looking at them.

Chance, “hey i am Chance, how are you guys doing?”

Alexx looks at Chance, then notices no pain.

“what happened?”

George looks at Chance, “You killed Roger?”

Chance smiling, “Kill? No he is over there.”

They see Roger knocked out in a pile with, Norman and Guy.

As Both siblings get up they notice they are not at the compound.

Alexx, “How did we get across the street?”

Chance, “oh well i carried you of course, you were in no shape to run. And we aren’t across the street were across town.”

Alexx and George, “across town?!”

they look around he is correct they are at  a small vacant lot. There is smoke coming from across town.
George looking at the smoke, “you said run, why would we run?”

Chance, “oh well the building had some sort of old bombs in there or something and when the back room exploded they were engaged. I had to carry everyone out of range of the blast.”

Alexx looking around and then looking at the Steel Dragons, “we have to get out of here.”

Back at what used to be the warehouse, there is a man standing in front of a blue and white D-tech. He is right outside what the remains of the fence. It is reduced to small rocks and almost nothing is left of the building and giant metal crates surrounding it. He has a long black coat on that is buttoned up, with brown short cut hair. he is wearing black boots and shades. He removes the shades and his eyes glow yellow and scan the area, he sees images of  what happened earlier.
He focuses on Chances’ image and pulls it in close so that they are eye to eye.

Man, “Looks like we got a live one.”

Volume I, Chapter I: "George and Guy"

   It is a dark and clear night in Old Japan. This City is named Dingo-Xiao, named during the “Great Merge” of Australia and Japan Centuries ago. It was once a Mecca of joint contributions from both lands in technology and friendship. Now it is a regular city no more important than the other high tech cities in United Japan. It is full of buildings that were used for something important at one time. Now they are just useless abandoned buildings adopted by the natives. some are head quarters for the gangs here, some are havens for the unwanted of society and others, are a means for escape.

An old warehouse, it seems to have 3 separate floors of windows that are broken and others are boarded up. it is surrounded by huge metal boxes, used for shipping over seas. the yard is surrounded by a tall stone fence but it has a few small holes in it as well as no gate.

A youth suddenly turns a corner running full speed. He has a white t-shirt on with a blue flight jacket over it, with blue jeans and tan boots. His left hand appears to be metal. He has a blue ball cap turned to the back with black unkempt hair sticking form the front and sides.

This kid is one of the many orphaned kids of  Dingo-Xiao, his name is George, George is 14, doesn’t go to school often but is no dummy by any means . He is very active and kind. George is running because he  just pissed off this Guy. His name is actually “Guy”.

See a tall muscular but not overly huge male. Dress in a long brown trench coat with the sleeves torn off, exposing his tattoos of a  silver dragon going down both arms with red eyes, he also wearing black gloves. He has dark blue jeans with black boots on that have multiple buckles on them. He has red spiked hair and a white head band that says “No Escape” in black tied around his forehead.

Guy, “Come back here mate, I just wanna talk with you.”

George is running towards the entrance of the warehouse compound, “No thanks you look like a boy toucher!”

Guy, still in pursuit, “what? I ain’t no boy toucher! You just wait.”

He follows George into the yard. George is looking for a place to hide. Looking left and right he decides to go through a hole in the building. He hears Guy out side looking for him.

Guy, “Make it easier on yourself mate, come on out. Wouldn’t want you to get hurt like last time would we?”

George looks at his left arm and rubs it, then looks at the palm of his hand. He looks up with a determined look on his face.

Guy is coming around the front of the warehouse where the door is. he puts his hand on the huge metal door.
“You think this door is gonna stop me form getting you, George? It won’t, i am tired of playing with you George. Activate.”
When he says this the eyes on his tattoos pulsate with light. the dragon itself starts to spread all over his arms forming a layer metal skin. Guy’s eyes begin to turn red with no pupils.

George is inside the warehouse backing up from the door, he is several yards away from it. The only light inside is from broken windows and holes in the ceiling and walls. He doesn’t look scared more like preparing for what is to come.

The door explodes off the hinges and falls in two separate directions, landing on the floor. The doorway casts a light leading up to George with guy’s shadow in the middle. Guy is standing there with his arm extended after punching the door.
He stares George in the eyes and George does not flinch. Suddenly he starts charging George.

George raises is left arm straight up his hand disappears into a shadow. Guy is still charging him, he then  pulls down a chord that was hanging just above his head.
it seems to be attached to a cable that kept some large boxes secured. They fall on top of Guy before he can react. Burying him completely.

George picks up a metal rod that roll away from the crashed debris. He begins to run towards the pile.
“you bastard!”

Guy’s arm erupts out of the debris and grabs George by the collar of his jacket.
“you little snake, did you think that could stop a Steel Dragon? Your a fool for what you did to my bike.”

George, “not scared of you or any Steel Dragon! Your all cowards, beating on the weaklings of the city.”

Guy pulls him closer, “like you? don’t worry your demise will be the next message your sister gets.”

he pulls his other hand back and a blade extends from his wrist stretching past his palm.
George stays himself and gets ready for the strike.

From behind  Guy. “what message are you going to deliver to me?”

In the door way is a female with a red cap similar to George’s on top of long slender black dreads in a pony tail. here skin is slightly tan, she is wearing shades, a red half jacket with her sleeves rolled up revealing metal arms with white gloves. She has a pink shirt on tucked into form fitting blue jeans. Wearing knee high red boots with two pink buckles on each. Her name is Alexx, she is Georges sister. Lucky for him.

Guy looking pissed throws George back into the shadows. Alexx looks at this but doesn’t lose focus of Guy.

Guy, “Alexx, i was just gonna do you a favor. You know that kid is nothing but dead weight.”

He slowly is walking towards Alexx.
Alexx, “my brother is, my brother. No more no less.”

Guy points at her, “he is the reason you have tech on your body.”

Alexx, “you have tech as well Guy.”

Guy, “by choice as a Steel Dragon, now let this be. just walk away. If you get involved you know what will happen.”

Alexx slightly smiles, “Go.”

Several different colored lights start to flash on  her arms a flash of blue light emits from behind her shades. She is suddenly right in front of Guy. they are crossing arms. he is blocking her and she is blocking his wrist blade.

In the back of the warehouse is a room that has a small hole in the wall that George made. He is laying on top of a giant glass and metal casket. the room has many of them lining the wall, the others are standing. it is obvious he knocked it over when he crashed through.

George, “ouch, i hate that guy. now where am i?”

he looks at the wall he crashed through holding his metal arm.

“wow, good thing i came through with the left side. that wall looks like it was cemented over. weird.”
The room starts flashing red and white lights and a voice speaks.

Voice, “This is the  auditory warning system. Damage to subject C - 2676, stasis chamber 7.”

George looks down at the chamber  and reads “7” , then jumps off of it.

Voice, “emergency disconnect to save the other subjects is initiated. warning subject will be immediately awaken no sedation, warning subject may have awaken craze. danger level for this subject considering current status of human ability and technology is level 1.”

George, “Awaken craze what the hell is that?”

He rolls up his right sleeve to reveal a small touch screen. He types AWAKEN CRAZE into it.

A small voice emits from his wrist, “Awaken Craze. Definition To be suddenly awaken from prolonged stasis without virtual education for adjustment to environment. subject will have only survival instincts until he forms level 4 thought patterns or is sedated.”

George, with his back to the chamber, “great a crazy thawed out old guy.”

He walks up to a dusty control panel with flashing lights and pulls a cord from his wrist computer. On the screen it says DOWNLOADING.

Alexx is being struck by Guy with the back of his hand. She slides back in a ready stance.
 She jumps up then pulls two small guns from her back that were under her jacket. She begins firing rapidly.

Guy dodging, he is running from the trail of bullets behind him, “Shooting? Are you crazy? Your gonna bring the J.U.P. stupid girl!”

He dodges and dodges until he gets to her, right before he slashes her she leans and shoots him in the stomach. he rolls on to the floor near the doorway.

Guy, “dammit, your gonna pay for this!”

Alexx  just looks and says nothing.

A huge shadow is cast over her and Guy.

George is still in the room.

“awakening in ten micros, subject C- 2676.“

George , “okay, I mean he is a level 1 threat, no problem”

Voice, “Warning. Upon final scan, unexplained mutations have been discovered within subject C-2676. Upon genetic assessment of the subjects current physical  statistics, a new threat measurement has been made.”

Moments earlier.

Alexx is facing a Giant figure dressed in a black sleeveless shirt exposing his metal arms, with black spiked gloves. On his side is a wide blade with a pistol shaped handle, that appears to have two barrels on it. his pants are red with black boots. He is bald of a pale complexion, with a Steel Dragon tattoo reaching across his forehead from ear to ear.
On his shoulders is a smaller male, that has similar tattoos on his arms as Guy. He has long black hair that is not tide down, wearing brown pants and black athletic shoes. Of a darker skin tone almost pecan like, also has a sword on his back. It is long and narrow with a long blue hilt that has a gold tassel hanging from it. They are Roger and Norman. They are NOT here to help Alexx.

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GAMBLE(mini infopedia,will be updated)

In the year 1999 a gigantic space ship entered our solar system. It was badly damaged apparently from battle. By the time it got to our moon it was already falling apart, scattering pieces on the moon and among our various satellites.
The major countries of earth knew it was coming when it past Pluto. The trajectory of the debris was calculated to land in China, the red sea, Japan and U.S.A also near the Canadian and US border. The proper arrangements were made by those countries to obtain the debris and study it or protect us from what may be inside.
The larger parts of the ship landed on the Canadian-US border and China. A moderate size landed near Japan. There was scatter parts that landed various places such as N. Korea, Panama, and a few of the desert countries such as Afghanistan.
The countries of course tried to keep it secret from each other and their citizens. In Japan the section that landed there had a life from inside. A single life form that apparently was put into a coma from whatever battle the ship was in. It was kept in a Top Secret experimental and Medical Science facility.
In America a young military brat, named Chance Stonebridge, became ill with a disease that was unfamiliar to the top doctors in the US and Europe. His father was a Colonel that was on a medical board that consisted of the head of the medical science facility in Japan. The same that housed the alien refugee. Eventually he was transferred there.
In 2010 the decision was made to put him in cryogenic stasis until they found a cause and cure for the ailment. His family mourned him in advance. He was a skilled fighter and martial artist. By no means was he a champion, but he was useful in a fight.
In 2015, N. Korea struck with weapons it created from the technology of the debris it gathered. They hit S. Korea first as an example of their power. Japan feeling threatened unleashed the technology they created, which was a gigantic field around the country. It was impenetrable.
Shockingly N. Korea struck it’s neighbor and once ally, China. China was not forgiving; they had weapons and vehicles the likes the world had never seen. They crushed N. Korea but that in turn made Europe feel threatened and they made a preemptive strike. Unfortunately now that this power was at their disposal it made China a conquering menace, they took control of Europe. That set off the 3rd World War, once America and Canada together got involved.
Australia was almost taken over by China, until they gave control to Japan and became “New Japan”. They were now protected by the field that protected “Old Japan”. The US and Canada became one also in a mutual agreement to share research and military might.
In 2020 all battles were over and the governments begin to shape themselves anew. Also Chance was being transferred to the Hospital Island that Japan built in between New Japan and Old Japan. The alien also was being transferred. During this process the alien woke up.
It appears he was only sleeping, hearing everything that transpired since the crash. Undetected he knew he was dying, he found Chance upon opening the chamber he laid his hands upon him. Unnoticed he purposely drew attention to himself when trying to exit the facility. In the end the security killed him.
In 3030 the stasis project was scrapped. Chance and others were transferred to a warehouse in Old Japan, to be forgotten.

Chance: the Main hero of the title. He was accidentally freed when some kids were being harassed and ran into the warehouse. They unknowingly turned the awaken system on. While behind the warehouse he emerged to save the two siblings. He is now discovering he is no longer sick and he has abilities that are unheard of even in THIS time.
He can lift a strife suit sword with ease and wield it as if it were the weight of a feather. He is faster than most of the fire power of this new military world. George and Alex adopt him to try to help him fit in. then a gang that has been taking over parts of Old Tokyo took there parents and shipped them off to New America as a trade with an Ally gang. He vowed to help them get their Parents back. But first they must find there older brother a great hero of the China-Japan skirmish that lasted 3 years. He is said to be in New Japan.

George: semi main antagonist. He is the little brother. He has implants and secret tech due to a violent attack by Steel Dragons. Chance unlocks the full potential of the tech inside him, as a shock to all of them that he could even understand the tech. He is a feisty character that doesn’t back down. He has speed and jumping abilities thanks to Chance. His weapon is a mini gunsword that his brother left behind. It can pierce strife suits and most vehicles, with bullet or blade.
Alex:  The older sister of George and younger of Gauge. She favors guns, lots of guns. But until Chance helped unlock her arm replacements and leg alterations, she couldn’t even pick one up. She is the level head of the group, usually keeping them on track. She gets absurdly anger if she thinks her brother is in danger, and uses less judgment than Chance.
Winston: a tag along that they found on their way out of Old Japan. He went to school with Alex and has a crush on her but too scared of Gauge to act on it.  He is pretty much a coward unless Alex is in danger than he becomes a cool acting fighter that can take out the toughest foe, usually. He has gauntlets that increase his strength enough to shake the ground upon impact, but only in bursts. It is hard for him to control when they work. He uses mainly his “buddies” for transport and hiding.
Gauge:  a decorated champion of Old Tokyo, he left to follow a lead on something “big”. He teaches chance how to toughen up and face what is in front of him NOT what is behind. It takes a while before they find Gauge, well he “finds” them.

Amy: one of Winston’s “little buddies”. She is a she is a meta-tech, a cyborg capable of feeling wrapped in a human flesh mimicking layer of self repairing skin. She instantly gains a crush on Chance after she sees him fight and eagerly awaits for him to fight again and again. She is undetectable by any meta-tech scanning devices thanks to Winston. He first “commissioned” her to be his date at the prom so he didn’t want anyone to know she wasn’t “real”. She has minimal fighting prowess but has the ability to blend in to her surroundings as a defense. She is of average Cyborg strength which is stronger than any human, unassisted by tech.
Jonathon: the other “little buddy”, he is a Met-tech as well but he was made to be his body guard. Only problem is he doesn’t like Winston much. He is very protective of Amy. Although he won’t admit he likes here “like that”. Usually Amy gets him to save Winston. Over time he eventually sees Winston as a person that needs to be protected or he will get himself killed.  He can communicate with low security system techs and operate any vehicle with an on board computer. He is 6’ 4” and dressed in a black or white suit, depends on his mood. Meta techs can camouflage there garbs to whatever they choose. He is programmed with knowledge of all hand to hand techs and firearms suitable for various situations.

Colonel Stonebridge: Antagonist, Chance is actually his great great ,etc. uncle. But he doesn’t believe it until it is researched and clarified. That doesn’t stop him from hunting him to see why he can do what he does. Also Chance and his crew cause a lot of trouble for Strife. The military police of Japan United. He has Tech Unit called Paladin. One of the 3 most powerful on the planet.
Lt. Lance: antagonist, he is the assistant of Colonel Stonebridge. Usually is out in the field with the troops relaying   to the Colonel. He is a great fighter and gunslinger. His strife suit is said to be strong enough to bring several Tech Units down. He is usually in a blue uniform with his rank showing on his shoulders and the crest on his back. With a long barrel revolver on each hip.

Tech Units- They are something like mechs where a human controls a giant robot armed with many different weapons. Difference is Tech Units are linked to there operators thru euro tech. The operator controls it with his mind and does not have to be inside. Although if the battle is heavy they usually choose to be inside for protection. They can combat tanks jets, ships and various other war vehicles; they are the trump card of every military force or security organization, commissioned and private.
Strife:  the name of the personal military of the emperor of Japan United. Although they are part of the Military of Japan United they take their orders from the highest authority. They only come out for special missions and to save the “cannon fodder” as Colonel Stonebridge says.

 manga by JaeDreams INC. 2010